Horse Netting for Paddocks

Wire netting for horses is becoming an increasingly popular and practical solution to horse fencing.

It is important to specify a suitable quality netting. As with so many products, there are already cheap imitations manufactured in the Far East. These simply do not endure.

With the right product erected professionally horse net will outlast most fence options and require very little maintenance. Compared with other fencing, there is a saving on the amount of posts required.

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We supply and install Hampton NET™ for all discerning horse owners and breeders.  Specifically designed for horses, the mesh sizes are designed to reduce the risk of injury and have a smooth finish.

A timber rail on the fence top can be beneficial, but then post spacings have to be reduced and this adds to the cost. The best option to protect the net top, is to add an electrified wire which can also power division fences.

The net is of course also stock proof for most animals, keeping your livestock and dogs in and others out! It is also difficult to climb over(although easy enough to insert a stile into where necessary).

Horse net is available in several different heights and mesh variations. 

Please contact us for further information or call our advice line on 01242 222 878. 

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We stock and supply high quality British manufactured Horse Net

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